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Cosmic Ordering Secret Review

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Cosmic Ordering Secret ReviewAre you tired of looking for the love of your life and not finding it? Would you like to have a new car, more money, a better job? Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Does it seem like your life is going nowhere and this leads you to an unfulfilling life? Believe me, I get you. Years ago, I felt just like you. Just as you I had great expectations, hopes, dreams. A life that I wanted to live but couldn’t. I kept asking myself why was that happening to me and I became really frustrated when nothing that I desired ever happened. However, there was something inside of me telling me that I deserved more and, more specially that I could have more. I just didn’t know how and I needed to figure it out. Turns out it was like this. Turns out I was right. There really was a better life awaiting for me.

Let me tell you briefly about my story. Nine years ago, I was working in a network marketing company. One day, as a job task, my sponsor sat us down and made us watch a movie. Yes, this movie was The Secret. That was the first time I heard something like this. I immediately felt strongly connected to this philosophy.  Then I started my journey. From then on I started attending seminars. I started meditation, I wrote down things. I had affirmations. Little did I knew that his was just the tip of the iceberg of something bigger.

Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried things just seemed to get worse. I started having problems at my company. I wasn’t selling nor recruiting and I was about to lose my job. I made huge mistakes. I had money problems and still continue to invest (sometimes with three credit cards) over $60 in training. I was going crazy.

And it got worse. The 2008 recession came and long story short, I was living in my car. There I was, homeless. How could this happen to me? I started checking out books from libraries and reading each and every single book regarding self motivation. Nothing seemed to help. Then, one night, while literally holding my fists to the sky asking for help that I had my first of many epiphanies. That’s when some kind of huge peace hit me. I felt like I was absolutely connected with the universe.

I was absolutely humbled.

And then I, in complete faith, with absolute respect, gratefully and with trust I made my request. I hadn’t eaten in days so I asked for food. Minutes later, a miracle happened. The first I ever noticed in my whole experience.  A woman came to me and asked me if everything was okay. She had seen me before and she was concerned. Even though I said I was okay, she asked me if there was something she could do for me. I told her I could use something to eat. Then she walked me to a convenience store. She spent over $50 in grocery items. I was so grateful. I never felt like this before. I understood that I was in presence of an angel.

That was the best day of my life. That feeling of peace never left me again. Looking back, that was the first time that I really knew that everything was going to be okay. I had finally understood how to connect with the whole universe.

Would you like to know what was failing? Maybe you have experienced the same. Maybe you would like to improve your life. Maybe you deserve more than what you have. Continue reading the Cosmic Ordering Secret review and you will understand why it seems as the universe isn’t listening to you.

How to connect with the universe

First, let me tell you that it is not by demanding. It is not by giving ultimatums. The universe does not respond this way. In fact, it does it in a different and intriguing way. As you know and saw in the movie The Secret, this method has been kept as a secret for centuries.

I know some well intentioned authors narrow Cosmic Ordering to two aspects: asking and receiving.  However, what you are about to discover will lead you to understand why there is something missing in that equation. Perhaps you’ve been there and it hasn’t worked for you. This is not just based on what happened to me. It’s something that has been proved by thousands of people. Would you like to know what that missing link is? It is the sense of KNOWING.

Knowing does not mean “think about something” when you make a request to the universe. It is not thinking very hard while asking either. Knowing is a profound sense that comes from within. It a feeling of ease, certainty and, most of all trust in the universe and its process of fulfilling your desire.

This feeling of knowledge translates into love. Yes, the infinite love from the universe. Your only job is to open to this love and trust.

This leads us to the next step: in order to communicate with the universe, you must learn to talk in the right language.

And how exactly do you do that? Well, the answer is to learn how to properly place your cosmic order. So, to narrow it down to an universal law: If you would like to receive your desire as a gift from the universe, you’ve got to learn how to communicate with it in a proper way.

Why you should buy Cosmic Ordering Secret?

That’s when I came with a program. I felt as I needed to share this truth with the world. I really want to help a difference for people who feel stuck. I want to help those who, as me, have been trying for a long time to understand how to communicate and receive the endless force of love. If you download Cosmic Ordering Secret, you will learn how to finally receive the gifts the universe is about to send you if you know how to ask. Don’t wait a minute more, your life is about to change forever.

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