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Run, Prepper, Run! Review

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Run, Prepper, Run! Review - Lourdes - 1075Lots of people are worried about the course of events that might lead this world to collapse.  Moreover, a vast amount of people are already preparing for such event by stock piling food, fuel or weapons to take care of themselves and their loved ones.  But what is really to be taken into account when a major disaster occurs? Is it only about having a safe shelter and accumulating food?  Is this the only thing we can do to anticipate and to get to a safe path? Sounds kind of lame, doesn’t it? Within this Run, Prepper Run! review you will find all these answers and more.

When a major catastrophe occurs, the scenario will include panic, confusion, disorder and lack of everyday rules and regulations.  What good will stock piling food, water or other items do if they immediately get stolen by thugs? The first ability you will need to develop, in case of a disaster, is physical fitness.  That is the key concept on Run, Prepper, Run!  This survival fitness guide will come in pretty handy if you want to get in shape and ready for any major event that may occur.  Truth is, around ninety seven percent of preppers are out of shape or overweight.  This means they are exhibiting a weak spot, no matter how big is the stash of food, water or weapons.

When a disaster occurs, you will be in need of some strength and flexibility in order to walk for various miles or even run.  In such case, physical endurance will be of great help.  Bottom line, you will need to be physically fit to act in a worst case scenario, where Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” is a tangible reality.  Our current sedentary lifestyle hinders our physical capabilities day by day and it is the main reason for overweight.  In a disaster scenario, an unfit individual has less chance of surviving, or protecting loved ones.

With Run, Prepper, Run! you will be entitled to achieve the necessary physical condition to face disaster scenarios.  This doesn’t mean that you will need to turn yourself into an Olympic athlete or a professional weight lifter.  But, especially after your forties, you will need to keep fit in order to be able to face the catastrophe, which may mean walking long distances, hiding out in tight spots or lifting heavy objects.  Bear in mind that Run, Prepper, Run! is not about showing off, or getting more attractive.  It is all about getting fit for a disaster situation.  You won’t have to spend whole days in the gym or endure huge jogging routines.  Run, Prepper, Run! features a list of simple exercises that will give you strength, fitness and flexibility to get you ready to face whatever comes.    In other words, Run, Prepper, Run! is a functional fitness program that will be of great help in case of disaster.

Run, Prepper, Run! Product Specs

Crafted by fitness expert Dan F. Sullivan, Run, Prepper Run! is intended for preppers of any age that wish to gain some strength, flexibility, quickness and endurance.  It is based on largely proven routines used by U.S. Navy Seals, but adapted by the author to fit all preppers.  The program features explanations on the reasons why you are doing those specific workouts and how to perform them, in order to avoid any chance of injury.  With only few minutes per day, you will be entitled to boost your abilities to walk long distances, climb, jog or carrying heavy weight.  Workout routines can be performed at home, with no specific extra equipment, nor attending to a gym.

Routines included on Run, Prepper, Run! don’t require you to have previous exercising experience.  Results will start showing on the first weeks of training.  By working out only twice a week, you will be able to bolster your functional strength.  In other words, Run, Prepper, Run! is not about getting ripped, but about survival.  Although it will work fine with preppers of any age, Run, Prepper Run! is specially thought for those entering their forties and above.  Many preppers include workouts in their training, but with a common mistake: those routines are intended to make you look good, or to get ripped.

With Run, Prepper, Run! you will train specifically for a disaster situation.  Moreover, you can always benefit of a certain level of fitness: your overall health will improve dramatically.  It doesn’t matter if you never worked out before, or if you are totally out of shape.  Once you download Run, Prepper, Run! you will be in a sure path to boost your strength, flexibility, endurance and fitness.

But this is not all.  Run, Preppers, Run! also features bonus materials.  Once you buy Run, Preppers, Run! you will also receive the Workouts handbook.  Although all physical aspects are covered on the core and main material, this bonus feature divided into beginner, intermediate and advanced level should cover even more routines that may come in handy to achieve the physical state you’ll need in the case of a catastrophe scenario.

You will also get video material where the author himself instructs you on how to perform the workouts correctly to avoid injuries.  As part of the bonus materials, after your purchase, you will also get the Simple Self Defense guide.  This may come pretty handy in a disaster situation.

Learn how to defend yourself and your loved ones with simple self-defense moves and tactiques from home, with no additional guidance required.  But there is more: you will also get 37 Ways to Boost your Energy.  This material includes information on when and how to sleep or eat to refresh yourself and gain new levels of energy.  It also features revitalizing breathing techniques.  The last bonus material included is Paleo Kick-Off.  This is an alimentary guide that will teach you how to feed as our ancestors, in a way that our body is already used to handle.

Run, Prepper Run! Final Considerations

In terms of what you get for your money, Run, Prepper, Run! program is surely the way to go. It is an autonomous alternative (all workouts and other advices can be performed at home with no additional assistance) for facing disasters that, sooner or later, will occur for sure.  If you want to be ready for such events spending only a reasonable amount of money, you should go with this product.  Be fit, be flexible, and be ready.  Run, Prepper, Run!

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