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The Bad Boy Formula Review

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Bad Boy Formula ReviewHave you ever seen a woman go crazy for a guy who is what we commonly call a ‘Bad Boy’? If so, it is possible that you have thought at least once that the problem with you is that you are a “nice” man. If you haven’t thought about this possibility, let me break it for you: women don’t like nice. I know it seems crazy as women tend to claim that they want to get married and how important it is for them to have a good man.

Well, don’t be confused by what women say. Just take a look at your environment: women are going crazy with those stupid jerks that treat her like nothing. Those guys that don’t even care about them and they know it! Then, they regret their choice and go running for nice guys. However, who wants to be a rebound when you can be the first option?

This world today teaches us that nice guys finish last. It is an awful reality but as I said, just take a look at you. If you have been wondering a lot about why is it that you are being totally ignored by woman and those who pay attention to you leave you single and in the ‘friend zone’, then it is probable that you are part of those unhappy men who are not living their sex and love lives to the fullest. So please, if my words are speaking to you and you are this guy, continue reading and allow me to teach you more about The Bad Boy Formula.

What is the Bad Boy Formula?

First of all let me tell you that treating a woman right has nothing to do with being Mr. Nice guy. You are not meant to be friends with a woman which with you want to have sex with. This will only make you look less attractive and they will ignore you over and over again. You may think that what they want is a deep, emotional connection. Of course they do, but that is just not in the dating part. Just observe, what’s with the guys that are constant winners? Well, it mostly has to do with a kickass attitude that makes them go crazy and beg for all of your attention.

This is what the Bad Boy Formula by Carlos Xuma is all about. You need to move from that sensitive, friendly image that put you in the place of Mr. Nice guy when you are supposed to be an alpha male. (and you are, trust me, it’s just that you haven’t worked on it).

At this point, you may be a little confused. This is due to the fact that it is probable that if you are a ‘nice’ guy, you may think that being a bad boy means being a player who treats women with disrespect. No, The Bad Boy Formula it’s not about being someone you are not. It is, obviously, not about treating women nasty (this would lead to nowhere too). It is about having the right approach towards dating and understanding what women expect from a guy’s behavior.

The Bad Boy Formula teaches you the balance between being an alpha male and being Mr.nice guy. After you get to know the formula, you will become a relationship expert. You will be that kind of guy who is sensitive but, at the same time, has an attractive attitude that will make women go crazy. And how is that? well, you will learn everything you need to know about how you are a strong man in your inner self. Then you will exude this masculinity which is what makes all women go absolutely crazy.

What does The Bad Boy Formula feature?

The Bad Boy Formula is a web-based program that runs on your computer through Flash media. It consists of sixteen videos, six MP3 files, and four amazing eBooks that were done by Carlos Xuma, a well-known expert in the fields of psychology and dating.

The book is divided into two important ramifications of the bad boy: his mindset and his methods. You will receive a lot of information on how to think and act like the bad boy that is inside you. You will understand why being a bad guy really works whenever approaching women.

Just remember, women are turned off by those men who seem weak. They do like sensitive guys, however, when your emotions make you weak to their eyes, every possible chance of intercourse with this woman reduces to zero.  Carlos Xuma will teach you the tips and strategies towards approaching women with a new badass attitude. You will learn how to establish a great first impression and finally date almost any woman you like.

However, to be a bad guy does not mean to be a jerk, a player or a liar. Woman hate this type of guy who takes advantage of the situation. What Carlos Xuma talks about in his book is how women want a guy who shows his true personality and it’s not afraid of the consequences this may bring him. As you see, it is not that you will no longer be nice, it is that you will push this needy behaviors and this extreme need to be likable to someone. The whole idea behind the book is to recognize your inner strength and the characteristics of you that make you an individual self and, therefore, a guy with a badass attitude.

The man that you are in your inner self will start coming out as soon as you start watching the videos.  Believe me, this information will be instilled in your mind right after you start the program. Everything will fall into place once you start working on the program you will start realizing what you are doing wrong and how to correct it so you can achieve a fresher look of every situation.

This book is not only for men who have trouble dating. It also considers those guys who have been in a long relationship and have lost any possible idea of how to date with someone new.

Don’t wait a minute more!

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you more about the program. What I can tell you it’s that it has lead to more and more successful men out there and you could be one of them. It is your responsibility to be the person you want to be. If you don’t do it for yourself, who is going to do it for you? If you feel like you need a change, start performing it. Become the man you have always wanted to be and start living the relationship you have always dreamt of. Take it from me, you will not be disappointed.

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