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The High Performance Handbook Review

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The High Performance ReviewDo you want to change your body? Are you experiencing discomfort regarding your overall image? Do you want to explore your body’s full potential? If you answered yes to one of those three questions, then The High Performance Handbook will suit you perfectly.

The High Performance Handbook is thought as an alternative to hiring a specialist in order to create a custom, personal training regime.  It offers the same possibilities regarding body conditioning and strength.  Following this guide will surely enable you to reach your goals.  The High Performance Handbook is a valid, cost effective alternative, due to the fact that the investment you will have to make is way lower than hiring a licensed professional to assist you in the creation of a personalized plan for you.  This product will enable you in designing an individual plan, oriented on your own goals, will, abilities, time and experience.  Although it is called a handbook, it is a complete scientific system to achieve the full potential of your body.  It is an elite fitness scheme, focused on gaining or maintaining different abilities that will bolster your general health by working on your athleticism, flexibility and strength.  And remember, The High Performance Handbook offers full customization possibilities for your fitness plan.


The High Performance Handbook Specs

The High Performance Handbook was crafted by Eric Cressey and Brian St. Pierre, both recognized specialists in the world of fitness and nutrition.

The core idea within The High Performance Handbook is that athletes and fitness aficionados have common goals, but may differ completely in the way on how to achieve them.  There relies the superiority of The High Performance Handbook compared to other fitness systems: customization.  In order to avoid injuries, or to achieve your full potential within your possibilities and own pace, it is fundamental to adjust your fitness scheme to your capabilities.  The High Performance Handbook acknowledges this, and it is from that common ground that it provides guidance.

The fitness scheme resulting from following The High Performance Handbook directions is completely personal and individualized.  It comprehends a self-assessment stage to check your body status, posture and motion range, to take full advantage of exercises included on the guide.  The High Performance Handbook features different training levels.  You will have to select your suitable training regime between two, three or four workout sessions per a-week.  It is also fully customizable regarding your health and fitness goals.  You can chose to strengthen muscles, bolster fat loss or athletic motion.

The High Performance Handbook also features an exercise database on video format.  You will find over two hundred coaching videos.  Exercises are fully explained.  Every detail on posture, strength required and proper motion is covered.

But this is not all; The High Performance Handbook also includes training scheme templates, reference guide, diet worksheets and more bonus features.

The High Performance Handbook Upsides

  • The High Performance Handbook has a wide range of applications.  It will suit perfectly different kind of purchasers. The program works for coaches, athletes, fitness aficionados or personal trainers.  Due to the fact that it covers a wide range of exercising techniques and personalized goals, you will be empowered to auto-check your fitness and health status with no professional guidance.
  • As indicated in the title, this program will work perfectly in elite-level athletes such as professional or college league players of Olympic level competitors.  Moreover, due to the customization principle, it will also work in a regular individual.
  • Reliability is a huge plus.  The flexibility of the program makes it easy to follow, but does not diminish it’s great results.
  • The High Performance Handbook is an alternative to a great expenditure in gyms and personal trainers.  It is user friendly and oriented, due to the fact that it doesn’t need a special facility to perform its exercises.
  • The High Performance Handbook gains in simplicity due to its customization principle.  Compared to other programs, it is more inclusive regarding your fitness level or fitness level awareness.  It describes exercises to the last detail, and also explains the reason of each one of them regarding the goals you wish to achieve.
  • The High Performance Handbook is cost effective: you will be empowered to  train on your own, with no professional assistance.  That makes The High Performance Handbook a more than valid alternative in order to acquire the body you always dreamt of.

The High Performance Handbook Downsides

  • Although the program will fit almost any individual, it doesn’t take into account people with reduced mobility or other special circumstances.  On the other hand, it is a great option if you are recovering your full motion possibilities and want to bolster your potential.
  • Customer support for post-sale inquiries is kind of weak.  Moreover, you rarely come across with something that really needs other person’s attention.  The High Performance Handbook is pretty self-explained.
  • At first sight, compared to other fitness programs, the cost of The High Performance Handbook is rather high.  Once you are an experienced user of the program, you will realize that it is really a budget option compared to hiring a personal trainer or a membership to a high end fitness center.
  • As any other program, there are no magical solutions.  You have to put some effort from your end.  Results take some time to show.  But if you stick to the customized exercise scheme resulting from The High Performance Handbook usage, you will really experience a wide range of health and fitness benefits.


So, let me ask you once again: Do you want to change your body? Are you experiencing discomfort regarding your overall image? Do you want to explore your body’s full potential? Now you know what way to go.  With The High Performance Handbook you will be enabled to train like a world-class performer, but in your own way and pace, with no annoying personal trainer screaming that you have to keep up or something like that.  This is your chance to push your body’s boundaries.  Don’t wait a minute more.  Try The High Performance Handbook right away!

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