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Pound Melter Review

pound melter review

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I’ve looked at myself in the mirror so many times wondering why the weight just won’t go away. I’ve stayed up swearing to myself that tomorrow things will be different only to fail. I’ve gone to the gym and humiliated myself for months only to injure myself to the point I can’t go back there anymore. And I’ve taken pills and supplements that have made my heart feel like it would beat out of my chest as well as my friends and family want to avoid me like the plague because of my quick temper.

Yep. I’ve pretty much done everything you can to try to lose the weight, but nothing ever worked. I knew I deserved better, but I’d only get limited results, or have to go away for a while and be unable to maintain my momentum, or any of half a dozen other failures. But that changed when I read about an incredible discovery at Harvard university about “dark” fat cells that can literally dissolve away the fat in your body without any exercise or diet. I tried it and it’s worked so well for me that I had to write about it to get the word out because it’s so new and really changes everything you’ve ever thought you knew about weight loss…


Pound Melter Product Details

So what’s so revolutionary about Pound Melter? How can it help you lose weight without changing your diet or working out? Very simply put: Pound Melter is based upon the revolutionary scientific breakthrough from Harvard University that inside normal “white” fat cells are “dark” fat cells that when “activated” literally melt away stored body fat!

So how does this work? Literally by lowering your body temperature. Now before you jump in a bath of ice or start standing outside (which will likely only give you pneumonia), you need to understand that the way you need to lower your body temperature is through the right combination of foods, vitamins, minerals, and essential acids. For example foods like Mint, Watermelon, and Coconut can – when consumed in the right quantities and combinations with other foods – actually lower your body temperature in the ideal way to lose weight without giving up the foods you love or exercising all day.

What you get with the program is a step-by-step guide on what to eat at the right times to kick your dark fat cells into overdrive as the pounds literally melt off. You’ll get a full list of all kinds of “cold” foods to add to your diet, and tips and insider information from people who’ve been through the program before on how to maximize your results.


In order to help you make a more informed decision about Pound Melter, I wanted to go over a few things that I myself liked in particularly:

  • Unlike most of the weight loss products on the market, there is no need to spend time in gyms you can’t stand, or fill your body with untested supplements and diet pills. This is a safe, comfortable diet that anyone can used and succeed with no matter what their past experiences have been.
  • This is one of the few weight loss programs I’ve ever been on where I truly never went to bed hungry. There is something to be said for getting restful sleep and not tossing and turning thinking about your stomach.
  • I absolutely HATE counting calories – so having a program that let me eat the foods I crave without worrying about the calories has been so freeing for me I can’t imagine going back to dieting the old way.
  • The pounds keep coming off. That’s the bottom line. I keep losing weight and am close to my target weight now!
  • The cost is under $50 – that’s amazing compared to the thousands I’ve wasted on programs that are not as effective.
  • You know a product is worth your money if it comes with a money back guarantee. You’ll have a full 2 months (60 days) to try out Pound Melter and be able to request a refund if you aren’t completely satisfied.

Download Now from the Official Website Risk FREE for 60 Days:


As with anything on the market, Pound Melter has been designed for a particular consumer to meet a specific need. This means that while all the things on this list may not be necessarily complaints about the product, they are things you ought to think about more closely before you invest in the product for your own personal use:

  • If you are looking for a product that helps you build muscle and gives you great workout routines, this is not the program for you. This is an innovative new program based upon scientific research into “dark” fat cells.
  • This is not an ideal program for anyone who has serious health complications or is required to be on a strict diet by their health professional.
  • This product is available online only and therefore is likely not ideal for anyone who prefers a traditional in-print guide to weight loss.
  • The idea of lowering your temperature to burn fat can be dangerous and lead to sickness. The ideas discussed in this program should be read and understood thoroughly. Do not simply do things to make yourself colder – not only does it not work that way, you can seriously hurt your body.

To Sum It Up…

This is a brand new program that is just catching on. The results are quite incredible and I’ve had them work for me as well. The science behind this is solid and best of all – there’s nothing scary or weird to eat or put in your body. Its normal food you love anyway (I personally love Milk – which, in the right combinations is 100% a cold food). So if you are primarily looking for a weight loss program and are tired of dealing with programs that don’t work – this is where you want to put your time and money.

Why? Because it works, it’s safe, and best of all – it’s guaranteed. That’s right if you don’t like it, you can simply get your money back. That’s all there is to it. So if you are sitting there wanting to start shedding those pounds and unlock the sexy, slim you that you know is inside – Pound Melter is the clear choice.

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