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TantraXO Review

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tantra xo reviewThe word “Tantra” tends to enjoy people as it is associated with sexual intercourse and, as you know, this is a huge sellable idea on our planet. Even though, the human concept of sexuality has changed a lot over time and there has been a large history of guilt entitled to it. That is why the concept of sacred intimacy is very appealing. “Tantra” introduces a way of being intimate which excludes the culpability or shame that has been addressed to erotic desires.

Despite our moral standards, the act of sexuality is a manifestation of divinity and enlightenment through our bodies. Sexual intercourse is our personal search for the one of the most sacred sources of energy that remains in our souls. We have misplaced sex and banalized it as a response to the guilt that we relate it to. That is why, as humans, race to find enthusiasm and seek to get rekindled through sex. Yes, it is true that enthusiasm makes your heart bomb, this is why numerous wars have been centered on the pursuit of pure enthusiasm.

The practice of tantric intercourse is a sacred beautiful manifestation of your energy. This beautiful act is very different from the repressive thoughts of intercourse that has been established in our Western societies. This restriction to sex is what have led us to a distortion of our sexualities. This is why Tantra is a revolutionary and non-repressive ideology that is as old as time. Tantra makes sex divine since it is considered from a spiritual point of view.

As you know, there is no one on earth who owns a natural talent or the absolute capacity of sexual intercourse. Our lovemaking is motivated by our own energy and our amorous motives. However, everyone possesses a particular “feature” which makes them a unique human being. This unique feature is yours only and nobody can do things the same way as you do. This is why you have your own goals to accomplish and you have your own passions, different from everybody else’s. That’s why you put all of yourself to fulfill your desires.

Holding back the sexuality makes no sense. It is the same as denying being hungry or the importance of breathing. Tantra is all about not holding back your intimate yearnings. That’s why a Tantra Master is able to teach you how to use your energetic sexual power. This means that you will be able to focus on best love making which will lead to pure pleasure. A Tantra trainer will help you to go through your inhibitions and misconceptions regarding sex.

By learning Tantra, you will understand why we’re all stuck with misconceptions. You will also become an expert on the benefits of the divine mother nature that is responsible for making us all able to reach our greatest sexual ability. Your tantra teacher will help you reach your final goal: a better lovemaking and understanding of your body, your energy, your soul and the importance of having a healthy sexual life.

The tantra master’s most important goal is to help his student to get rid of their inhibitions regarding intercourse. In that way, the student will vanish away all of his or herself punishment and shames regarding the most divine act. That’s why when a person starts to learn the power of Tantra with the supervision of an expert, he or she lets go all of their concerns and becomes one with their bodies. Since there is no greater happiness than the one of understanding and knowing ourselves, when the sexual act becomes an energy flow of divinity, a tantra student will experience an absolute connection with the universe.

For example, a goddess is a woman who knows herself deeply. To gain this knowledge, she needs to become independent even though everything around her is not. In this way, she can heal her karmic scars and inhibitions and will start to be more in touch with her own energy. A Goddess should understand her heart and mindset so she can keep what she needs and disregard what is keeping her from her absolute and total connection with the universe.

Thus, Tantra is about knowledge and research of the beliefs of our lifestyles as an art manifestation. This ancient practice is an Indian angle view about how humans tend to live and how to explore our inner powers. This art is the opposite of our Western ideas of sexual intercourse as an ecstatic practice with a partner.

So, knowing all of this, are you ready to start living a life full of pleasure and knowledge? Is the concept of increasing your satisfaction through a more focused lovemaking appealing to you? Will you let this 6000-year old practice refurnish you and make you more aware of your body, mind, and soul? Are you really prepared to live a life of enjoyment and sexual fulfill?

If so, let me tell you that I did and I was thrilled with the results. Just as you I was satisfied with my lovemaking but I always knew, deep down, that I was inhibited by the world around me. I was not totally aware of this inhibitions until I tried the Tantra XO method. I learned how to synchronize all of my body organs and I became a Goddess in bed. How? With this method I faced all of the scary ideas I had in my mind, I faced all of my fears and started to sense my whole body. This actually leads to better lovemaking and no guilt whatsoever, just full enjoyment of myself and my energy. I got rid of sexual disgrace forever and I became an independent woman.

I was not a very spiritual person and I’ve got to admit that I was a little bit skeptic at first. The ideas of inner power and connection with the universe just seemed as crazy thoughts. However, even though I had a fulfilling sexual life with my partner I started to feel as if I was stuck and bored with my lovemaking. I felt I could give more of myself so we could both have more pleasure together.

That’s when I decided to learn about Tantra. I had tried other methods before, but I wanted something which lead to a full understanding of myself. I ordered Tantra XO since it was one of the only programs which offered a sixty-day money back guarantee. I thought: “well, I might give it a chance and if it doesn’t work, I will receive my money back”. And then magic just happened, that same night I started learning Tantra I had an amazing night with my partner. Overall, I built up my sexual confidence and I learned the insights to a healthy and more confident sexuality. I never ever felt guilt about sex and I got rid of sexual disgrace. Today I feel like a Goddess with an unlimited power that relies on within me and is mine for a lifetime.

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